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[PUBG Mobile] How to Fix Lag And Ping Issues In Low end Devices - 90 FPS Unlock

PUBG mobile is one of the most popular and heavy online games. Game lag, frame drop, and ping issue has been a very common thing in PUBG mobile for low-end device users. Low-end devices are that device which has low resources and specifications. Many PUBG lovers are students and can't afford a gaming phone with high resources and high specifications. But after reading this article you will be assured that you can play your favorite PUBG mobile game smoothly on the same low-end device with max FPS (Frames Per Second) without any lag or ping issue.

In some cases, despite having a high-end device the PUBG mobile starts lagging and the ping goes high. This article has also covered the solution to PUBG mobile lag, high ping issues. After reading this article you will be able to unlock 90 FPS on PUBG mobile.  

Device optimization to fix PUBG mobile lag

This process also includes background data restrictions, RAM boosting, and plenty of other stuff that will make the device smoother and free of unnecessary caches and data. This process is going to make a huge difference while playing PUBG mobile on a low-end device.

First, install the following applications from the play store. 

  1. "Greenify" app
  2. "Repair system for android" app
  3. "GFX tool for PUBG" app

  • First, open the "Greenify" app 

   You can look at the above tutorial if you have any doubts. This video also has all the things you need to do to set up the Greenify app.

Make sure that you should do download the "Greenify" app from the play store itself and not any other third-party sites.

After installing the Greenify app follow the below instructions to set up the app perfectly.

 Open the app, and click on "Next". After that choose the "My device is NOT rooted" option, and click on "Next". Now click on the "GRANT PERMISSION" option, search, and click on the Greenify app and grant the permission. Now come back and click on the "Finish" option.

Now click on the three-dot icon in the top right corner of the app, click on settings and enable "Always ignore background-free". After that click on "Smart Hibernation" and enable "Finer detection for media playback state" and give permission to the "Greenify" app.

Now return back, and click on the "+" icon in the bottom right corner of the app. No click on "Show more apps" and select all the apps except "PUBG mobile", "Greenify" and "GfX tool" and "Repair system". Now, click on the "✓" icon on the bottom right corner of the app. 

Now come back and click on the "zZZ" icon in the bottom right corner of the app. Click on "Continue". After that search and click on "Greenify automated hibernation" and enable it. In some devices "Greenify automated hibernation" can be situated in the "Download services" option in the settings. After enabling "Greenify automated hibernation" go back and again click on the "zZZ" icon on the bottom right corner. 

Now you are done, the "Greenify" app will automatically do its job. Just make sure you click on the "zZZ" icon every time before you open PUBG mobile. This will help a lot to fix PUBG mobile lag and ping issues.

  • Install and open the "Repair system for android" app from the play store

This app is going to help us by boosting our RAM, and free up spaces. This will also check and fix if there is any problem with the system itself so that PUBG mobile can run smoothly without lag.

Open the "Repair system for android"  app and under the "Tools" section. 

First, click on "Clear cache" and again click on "clean cache"
the app will automatically clear cache from your device.

Again come back and click on "Booster RAM",
now the app will automatically boost the RAM.

Finally, click on"Repair system",
and wait until the app does its work automatically.
Don't close the app until all the tasks are completed.

Repeat all these steps every time before playing PUBG mobile.
This will drastically pull down the PUBG mobile lag on low-end devices.

GFX Tool for PUBG mobile lag fix

  • Install and open the "GFX Tool for PUBG" app from the play store

Now in the "GFX Tool for PUBG" app apply the below settings.

GFX tool is a widely used app for Pubg mobile lag fix. This will make the graphics and other components use low resources from your phone so that your phone won't lag while playing PUBG mobile.

FPS Boost up to 90 FPS in PUBG mobile

This step is one of the most effective and essential steps in this article. FPS boost will help to increase the frame rate of your game to its maximum capacity. This will make your gameplay experience much smoother.
First of all download the file from the link given below. 

If your device has 1 or 2 GB RAM,  Click here to download.

If your device has 3 or 4 GB  RAM, Click here to download.

After downloading the file, Open the file and click on unzip. Now, click on the unzipped file and choose your game version and click on it. After that again unzip the new file by clicking on "unzip". Now move the unzipped file to Internal storage > Android > Data and click on "Replace".

Boom! You are done, now you will have a 90 fps option on your PUBG mobile game setting.

Fixing Ping Issue in PUBG mobile

  • Internet connection for PUBG mobile ping issue

I personally recommend you to switch to wifi if you are playing on mobile data because wifi is much more beneficial than mobile data especially for playing PUBG mobile.

In the majority, high ping issue arises due to bad or unstable internet connection. First of all, check how fast is your internet speed ( You can check it through "" ). If your internet speed is slow, you can contact your ISP so that they can fix it. If the problem arises again and again even after contacting ISP, feel free to change your ISP.

  • Changing server on PUBG mobile to fix high ping issue

 If you are living in Asia but you select the Europe server in-game, then it's obvious that your ping will go high. So make sure to choose the server which gives you low ping. If this does not work try using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Please use it at your own risk because downloading VPN's from third party sites other than the Play store may result in a PUBG mobile account ban.

  • Playing PUBG mobile on flight mode/airplane mode to fix high ping issue

I personally recommend you to play PUBG mobile by enabling flight mode. This will lower the ping. In airplane mode, you won't receive any phone calls and text messages.

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