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Major differences between PUBG mobile and Garena Free Fire

PUBG mobile and free fire are both online mobile games. Both of these games are very popular. Both the PUBG mobile and free fire are battle royale games and share the same general rules like play zone and maps. But despite all these similarities, gamers get a whole different game taste while playing their favorite games. Both of these games have a great esports carrier and also content creators are generating tons of money through both of these games. Both of these games drop their updates from time to time and also introduce many fun events. Both of these purchases have in-game purchases where you can buy different skins and costumes. Both the games are very addictive and fun to play.

Below are some of the major differences between free fire and PUBG mobile in terms of

  1. Graphics
  2. In-game opponents
  3. In-game characters
  4. Weapons
  5. Vehicles
  6. Animations
  7. Performability

  • Graphics

Both the free fire and PUBG mobile's graphics are very much distinct from one another. The graphics of PUBG mobile seems more realistic than that of Garena free fire. The textures in Garena free fire is not that great as compared to PUBG mobiles textures. The trees, terrains, mountains, sky, and many other elements in PUBG mobile seems to be a lot more realistic. According to gamers, Garena free fire's graphics seems to be a little bit cartoonist. Visual description in PUBG mobile looks more substantial.

  • In-game opponents

PUBG mobile and Garena free fire both are battle royals. They both share the same concept of survival of the fittest and the last one standing is considered the winner. In both games, players are dropped on an island, but the difference is that in PUBG mobile, 100 players are dropped on the island, and on free fire, only 50 players are dropped. The dropped players tend to act as enemies or opponents in both of these games.

  • In-game characters

The characters of PUBG mobile have a vast difference. The textures, the details, and every other element of the characters are very much distinct from one another. According to gamers the characters in Free fire looks more attractive than that of PUBG mobile, but the PUBG mobile characters seem to be more realistic. The hairstyles in the free-fire are more attractive and look better than that of PUBG mobile. Their name of the characters is also very different on these two popular games. There are characters like Jai, Kelly, Luqueta, Hayato and in PUB mobile there are characters like Andy, Sara, and Carlo, etc.

  • Weapons

There is also a great difference in weapons between free fire and PUBG mobile. The recoil in PUBG mobile is a bit more as compared to free fire's recoil. PUBG mobile has a smoke grenade while Free fire has a glue wall, these are not the weapons, the smoke grenade can be used to hide from the enemies in an emergency situation. They both disappear after a certain time. In Free Fire, glue wall can resist the bullets. In both of these games, different guns deal with different damage scale. 

Below is the list of guns in the Free Fire according to the official website of Garena Free Fire.

  1. RGS50
  2. MGL140
  3. M79
  4. Gatling
  5. M249
  6. CG15
  7. P90
  8. MP40
  9. UMP
  10. MP5
  11. VSS
  12. Thompson
  13. Katana
  14. Bat
  15. Grenade
  16. Pan
  17. Machete
  18. AN94
  19. XM8
  20. M60
  21. SVD
  22. Famas
  23. M4A1
  24. AK
  25. SKS
  26. Groza
  27. M14
  28. Scar
  29. Heat gun
  30. Aug
  31. Parafal
  32. Treatment Gun
  33. M500
  34. M1873
  35. USP
  36. G18
  37. Desert Eagle
  38. Hand Cannon
  39. Spas12
  40. M1014
  41. M1887
  42. Crossbow
  43. Kar98K
  44. AWM
  45. M82B

Below is the list of guns in the PUBG mobile according to the in-game inventory of PUBG mobile

  1. AKM
  2. M16A4
  3. SCAR-L
  4. M416
  5. Groza
  6. AUG
  7. QBZ
  8. M762
  9. Mk47
  10. G36C
  11. Kar98K
  12. M24
  13. AWM
  14. Win94
  15. SKS
  16. VSS
  17. Mini14
  18. Mk14
  19. SLR
  20. QBU
  21. MK12
  22. UZI
  23. UMP45
  24. Vector
  25. Thompson SMG
  26. Bizon
  27. MP5K
  28. P90
  29. S686
  30. S1897
  31. S12K
  32. DBS
  33. M249
  34. DP-28
  35. P92
  36. P1911
  37. R1895
  38. P18C
  39. R45
  40. Sawed-off
  41. Flare Gun
  42. Skorpion
  43. Desert Eagle
  44. Machete
  45. Crowbar
  46. Sickle
  47. Pan
  48. Crossbow
  49. Frag Grenade
  50. Molotov Cocktail

In the free fire,

- The MP40 is considered the most reliable Sub Machine Gun (SMG)
- The M1014 gun is believed to be the most immeasurable shotgun
- The AWM is considered to be the better option in the sniper category.

In PUBG mobile, M416 and AKM have been the fan-favorite normal AR weapons. AWM is considered to be the best sniper rifle in PUBG mobile as well. Being said this, different players have their own different opinions regarding better weapons in both of the games. So, we cannot consider any of the above-mentioned weapons as a superior weapon, neither in PUBG mobile nor in Garena free fire.

  • Vehicles

The vehicles in PUBG mobile and Free fire have a lot more differences. However, the physics and mechanics are almost identical.

The vehicles in the Free Fire are Tempo, Pickup Truck, Sports Car, Monster Truck, Motorcycle, Amphibious Motorcycle, and Tuk-Tuk

Whereas, the vehicles in PUBG mobile are Buggy, Mirado, Dacia, UAZ, Motorcycle, Scooter, Mirado, Golden Mirado, PG -17, Pickup, Rony, BRDM-2, and a helicopter.

  • Animations

The animation in PUBG mobile and the free fire is also very different from one another. The PUBG mobile has great movement and animations like crouch, prone, jump, etc. These movements are more realistic. The explosions, the movement of water, and all the other movements of characters are more realistic in PUBG mobile than that of Free Fire according to some gamers.

  • Performability

PUBG mobile consumes a huge space and other resources of mobile because of its graphics and also many other factors. But as the free fire does not need much space to run smoothly, it can perform great even in low-end devices. PUBG mobile starts lagging and heating in low-end devices. 

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