Monday, October 19, 2020

How To Get 3 Classic Crates For Free in PUBG Mobile Season 15 - PAYLOAD POWERHOUSE Achievement

Free coupon crates are one of the most fascinating things in PUBG mobile which anyone would like to have. We can get various kinds of outfits and skins through the classic crates. You can also get 3 PUBG mobile classic crates for free by completing the Payload Powerhouse achievement which is quite new. This achievement is very easy to complete and you can complete this achievement in only one match and get 3 classic crate coupons for free. In this article, I will guide you to complete the all-new payload powerhouse achievement in an easy way.

How to achieve the payload powerhouse mission in PUBG mobile

There are 6 in-game missions to complete this achievement. You can play on a different server to complete this achievement easily. You cannot play a solo match for this achievement. You need at least one teammate.

  • Destroy 1 metal door of a secret room

For this, you need to go to School main building through parachute or if the plane path is away from school, you can take a vehicle to reach there. After reaching there, you just need to find any rocket launcher and shoot in the steel door. Remember that it could take a couple of shots to break through the special steel door.

  • Use the UAV/airstrike summoning device to defeat 1 player

After breaking the steel door, you will get some loot with a UAV device. If you don't get the device there, you can head on to a new building near the shooting range, where you can get this device in a loot crate near the helicopter. If you don't find the building near the shooting range just search for another building on the map(Big green symbol). After you get the UAV device, point it towards an enemy and click on the shoot button, you will automatically get inside a plane. Now locate the enemy and shoot from above. Remember you will only have 8 bullets to knock and finish the enemy. Make sure you are doing this in an open area so that the enemy can't hide from you.

  • Use a vehicle weapon to defeat 1 player

You need to use the flame thrower installed in vehicles to defeat one player. You need to knock and finish the enemy with it. You can also use any other weapon installed in the vehicle.

  • Use the communication tower to revive a teammate

Eliminate your teammate and recall through the communication tower which you can find easily on the map. You need to collect the ID card of your teammate from their loot crate so that you can recall them. Recalling one teammate is enough. 

  • Destroy 1 vehicle

Destroying a vehicle is also a part of this mission, you can destroy any special power vehicle. You can use any kind of rocket launcher to do it. Make sure you don't harm yourself.

  • Land the final blow of the match


To complete the payload powerhouse achievement successfully and to get 3 free classic crate coupons, you need to eliminate the final player yourself. If your teammate eliminates the last enemy, your achievement won't be completed. Although eliminating the last enemy is not clearly discussed in the mission, but this is mandatory.
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