Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Monster Truck Spawn Locations In PUBG Mobile - Livik Map

The brand-new Livik map (beta) in PUBG mobile is finally available now with lots of unique changes and additions in the game. The all-new monster truck is also introduced in Livik map which is very heavy and bulky in size. This truck is an absolute monster. This monster truck has huge wheels because of which, it can run through huge boulders and almost everything that comes on its way. The monster truck is highly destructive. According to my personal experience, running the monster truck over the enemies in Livik map is very much satisfying.

Spawn locations of a monster truck in PUBG mobile (LIVIK MAP) 

Location number 1

The above screenshot is the place where the monster truck is frequently found. It is near the power plant. Here, the monster truck is found near the highway. There are a cluster of houses on the above place and the monster truck frequently spawns here.

Location number 2

The location number 3 is on the Gronhus area on the map. Most of the time you can find the monster truck lying on the side of the highway in the above-shown location. You can take a better understanding by watching the embedded video clip.

Location number 3

Click on the image for a better view

This location is just on the right side of the power plant where you can see a cluster of houses near the water. You will often find the monster truck on the roadside.

Location number 4

This location is in the bottom left side of the power plant area. You will see a couple of houses in front of the monster truck spawn location. Near this place, we can also find a place where we can perform stunts with the monster truck and other vehicles on the Livik map.

Location number 5

This placed is situated on the upper left side of the power plant in the Livik map. Like the other monster truck spawn locations, this spawn location also has a cluster of houses nearby. You will find the monster truck on the side of the road.

Location number 6

The spawn location number 6 is situated in the upper left corner of the map, near Lupin Felt. You will see a little shack near the highway and the monster truck can is occasionally found here. This place is where the "player number 1" is located on the above map.

Note: The above-mentioned places are not the guaranteed spawn location of the monster truck in Livik map of PUBG mobile, but the monster trucks are frequently found in these places. You won't find the monster trucks in the garages. You will always see them lying near the highways in different places.

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