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How to Get Chicken Master Title in PUBG Mobile - Detailed Guide

The chicken master title in PUBG mobile is one of the rarest titles available out there. It is also categorized as the legendary title in PUBG mobile. The "Chicken master" title is also known as the "Chicken expert" title. This article is a detailed guide which will help you in achieving the chicken master/expert title very easily in PUBG mobile.

How to get the chicken master title in PUBG mobile?

To get the chicken master title in PUBG mobile, you need to get 10 chicken dinners in the solo-classic mode. You can play on any map and any server, but make sure that you should be at least on platinum tier to get the chicken master title in PUBG mobile. Also, remember that you should get ten chicken dinners by using 10 different weapons plus utilities to eliminate the final opponent of the match.

The 10 different weapons and utilities used to land the final blow of the match are listed below

  1. Assault rifle: To complete the assault rifle mission, you can use automatic assault rifles like M416, AKM, QBZ, M762, and SCAR-L. Eliminating the final opponent by using any of these assault rifles is easier as compared to other assault rifles like M16A4 and MK47 Mutant. Using the assault rifle is the easiest one to achieve, among all the items required to get the chicken master title.
  2. SMG: To complete the SMG mission, you can make use of the SMGs which deal with a high amount of damage while shooting an opponent. Weapons like UZI, UMP-45, and Thompson are more effective for eliminating the final opponent because these weapons have higher damage than the weapon like PP-19 BIZON, But the advantage of BIZON is that this weapon can fire 53 bullets without reloading.
  3. Sniper rifles: Using bolt action rifles like M24 and Kar-98K is not the best choice for eliminating the final opponent because shooting the enemies with a bolt action rifle in extremely close range is very hard. So you can make you of DMRs like Mini-14, SKS, and MK14 to eliminate the last player of the match. Using mk14 would be the smartest choice as it can be used in auto mode and it deals very high damage. You can also use VSS  as it can be operated in auto mode and also has an inbuilt suppressor and a 4x scope.
  4. Shotguns: Shotguns like S686, S12K, and DBS are the best shotguns available in PUBG mobile. These shotguns have high damage and the best rate of fire. Using these shotguns to land the final blow of a match is easier than using other shotguns like S1897 which have low damage rate, low rate of fire, low range, and high reloading speed.
  5. Light machine gun: DP-28 and M249 are the light machine guns available in PUBG mobile. They have a very high damage rate. They also have a capacity of loading larger amounts of bullets. M249 is available in the airdrop and Dp-28 is available only on Erangle and Livik map. They are a bit difficult to find but using them to land the final blow of the match is easier.
  6. Pistols: Using pistols to land the final blow is the hardest among all the weapons because the pistols don't have high damage and they can be used in long-range. But the pistols like Skorpion and P18C can fire bullets in auto mode and the can load a greater amount of bullets. Skorpion can be fired to a longer range as compared to P18C. But if you did not find any of these, you can also use desert eagle because it has a longer range and also higher damage.  If you did not find any of the pistols mentioned above, then you can go for any of the pistols available in the match.
  7. Melee weapon: Pan, crowbar, and machete are the only melee weapons available in PUBG mobile. Among them, using a pan to eliminate the last enemy is a better option because the pan is spawned everywhere and deals with a higher amount of damage as compared to any other melee weapons in the game.
  8. Throwables: The only throwables that can eliminate a player are Molotov cocktail and frag grenade. Both of thee throwables are very useful. You can make use of throwables more easily if the last opponent has not spotted you.
  9. Vehicle: Using a vehicle to eliminate the last enemy in the match becomes easy if the last circle is in an open place because most of the players prone down into the ground if there is no hardcover. Achieving this mission on a small map like Sanhok or Livik is very hard. So, play on a bigger map like Vikendi, Miramar, or Erangle to eliminate the last player with a vehicle. You can use any 4 wheelers to eliminate the last enemy. Eliminating the last enemy using a BRDM is a lot easier because your opponent can't fire you when you are inside a BRDM. The BRDM also doesn't explode very fast like other vehicles in the game. You can get a BRDM only if you fire a flare gun outside a circle.
  10. Crossbow: You need to be very careful when shooting the last enemy with a crossbow because the crossbow is very difficult to find. S, you need to be very patient if you find a crossbow because you don't want to get eliminated if you get a crossbow. It is also very difficult to operate a crossbow as it has different shooting mechanism that any other weapon in the game. 

Tips and strategies to get the chicken master title easily in PUBG mobile

To get the chicken master title easily, you need to be very passive and hold until the least circle, don't take unnecessary fights. If you find the weapons which are not available easily like a crossbow, use it to land the final blow. Carry as much as utilities as you can. Play on Sanhok or Vikekndi because everyone is not perfect in playing on these maps so you can take advantage of it. This map ends faster than other maps so you won't get bored. Keep a four-wheeler with you till the last circle, this helps you to spot the last enemy, and the four-wheeler will also work as a good cover.

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