Thursday, July 2, 2020

[2020] Easy Tips and Strategies to Get Pacifist Title in PUBG Mobile

Pacifist title in PUBG mobile is very much fun to achieve as the mission is not to eliminate any opponents in the entire match. Getting a title in PUBG mobile, without eliminating any enemies might sound a very easy mission but it's definitely not like that. In many cases, getting the Pacifist title in PUBG mobile becomes a matter of luck. But there are definitely some important measures, tips, and strategies for you to follow if you really want the pacifist title. So, in this article, I have discussed some very important tips and strategies that you should strictly follow to achieve the pacifist or zero kill chicken dinner mission in PUBG mobile.

First of all, let's become familiar with the pacifist title in PUBG mobile

Pacifist in PUBG mobile is also known as the 0 kill chicken dinner challenge. You will get achieve a pacifist title by getting a chicken dinner without any kills. You can only achieve the pacifist title in solo classic
mode. You should at least be on platinum tier or above in the solo classic mode on any server. You can play on any map (Erangel, Sanhok, Vikendi, or Miramar).

How to get pacifist title in PUBG mobile?

In order to get the title easily, drop in a remote location that is far away from the plane path. Make sure that the place should have at least a cluster of houses so that you get enough consumables and utilities.

Always try to take a late rotation towards the circle, this will avoid engaging a fight and spawning of a bot near you. If a bot spawns near you just find a vehicle and run away because they are gonna damage your armor and also your health. 

Carrying a weapon is completely optional because you cant eliminate your opponents. But you can use the weapon in an emergency condition to threaten your enemies and keep them away from you. 

Carry plenty of smoke grenades and stun grenades which will help you to stay safe in the end circles. Hold the edges of the play zone and don't take unnecessary

In the end, circle, try to get a hardcover, and spot your opponent's location. Wait for the enemies to eliminate themselves. When you are in a 1 vs 1 situation, try to distract the enemies by throwing the smokes randomly in the circle. But if you are not in hardcovers like a tree or a rock, you can cover your area with smokes. 

You can also block the vision of your opponents by throwing smoke and stun
grenades on them. Wait for the blue zone to close. Make sure to boost up your energy bar before doing the healing battle, this will help you a lot.

 You will win the healing battle if you have decent amounts of first aid kits because your opponent won't be prepared for the healing battle and your opponent may not carry extra first aid kits.

You can also get the title by teaming up with the last opponent. If you feel that you cant do a heal battle, the only choice is to be friendly with your enemy and request a 0 kill chicken dinner. 

For this, first, you need to show your enemy that you are friendly by jumping unarmed. If your opponent is friendly then he won't eliminate you and he will start jumping with you. You can talk with your nearby enemy by switching your microphone to all chat. 

I have seen many people requesting their friends for matchmaking on the same lobby and getting pacifist title easily, I definitely won't recommend it to anyone, as there is a risk of getting banned 
and it is certainly unfair.

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