Monday, July 13, 2020

[2020] How to Get Rename Card For Free in PUBG mobile?

In PUBG mobile, rename cards are used to change your character name. You may have already used them and you don't have any of them remaining on your inventory. The rename card costs 180 UC (Unknown Cash), and many people won't able to buy it. So in this article, we will discuss all the possible ways of getting rename cards for free in PUBG mobile.

3 Ways get rename cards for free in PUBG mobile

1.Level 10 reward

While you reach level 10 in PUBG mobile, you will be able to collect a rename card in PUBG mobile. To collect the level 10 reward, you must complete all the missions from level 1 to 10.

2.Return rewards

If you don't log in to your PUBG mobile account for 7 to 9 days, you will get a return event from which you can collect the rename card once you gain 400 points. You will also be able to collect outfits and crate coupons and scrap coupons. You will have an option to choose between 3 outfits. You will get the points as you start playing on your account after the break. This mission will last for 30 days and within 30 days you should collect the rename card. Make sure not to log in to your id for 7-9 days, till then you can play on another account.

3.Crew shop

Rename cards are also available in the crew shop. You can buy a rename card in the crew shop which costs 200 points. You will be able to buy 2 rename cards at most. You can get the crew points by playing in crew challenges. But if you did not play crew challenge, just join your friend's crew who played the latest crew challenge and you will get 30 points per week. Like this, you can buy a rename card for weeks after a couple of weeks.

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