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How to get Deadeye title in PUBG mobile? - Complete guide

Titles in PUBG mobile can be obtained by achieving missions. They are not that hard to get but due to misunderstanding, some players can't achieve it. Achieving Deadeye title is also not too hard but, many players are not able to get it due to some reasons. So, this article will clear all your doubts and confusion to get the deadeye title in pubg mobile. You will also get some tips which will help you to get the deadeye title much easier and faster.

Getting the deadeye title in PUBG mobile.

In order to get the deadeye title in PUBG mobile, you should at least be on a platinum tier or above in solo classic mode. You can play on any server and any map but make sure you are at least on the platinum tier in that particular server. You cant achieve the title by playing on duo or squad.

You will get the title by eliminating 3 enemies in a row with a headshot and without missing a single bullet. Make sure that the distance between you and your enemy should be at least 50 meters. You can use any weapons on the match to do so.

To get the title easily, you can make use of the disconnected enemies of that match. The disconnected enemies are automatically thrown from the plane at the end of the plane path. 
Just put your marker on the end of the plane path and jump from the plane with the disconnected enemies. After that, quickly go to the nearest cluster of houses by gliding. After that, search for a gun and sight or a scope so that you can aim exactly on your enemy's head. 
If you find a bolt action sniper rifle then go ahead and give headshots to the disconnected enemies one by one from more than 50 meters of distance, but if you find an assault rifle then also you don't need to be sad because there is a solution. 
Just go near the offline enemies and punch the enemies 4 times each on their body and eliminate them thoroughly with headshot without missing any bullets. Repeat the same thing to 3 of those disconnected enemies. If you did not find 3 disconnected enemies, then don't be sad, you will definitely find 1 or 2 bots in the game.

You can also complete the deadeye title by playing your normal match. Just go to a remote location and find a bolt action rifle and a good scope by which you can eliminate
3 enemies with perfect headshots in the game. You can also do hot-drop, you will find more enemies in the hot drop location. And more enemies means more kills.

 You will get the deadeye title after you complete the mission. It is not compulsory to win the match in order to get the title. You can eliminate yourself with a 
grenade after completing the mission which I usually prefer to do. You will get your title either way but just don't exit the match directly.

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