Thursday, June 25, 2020

[2020] How to Achieve Commando Title in PUBG mobile? - Tips and strategies

Commando title in PUBG mobile is said to be one of the toughest titles available out there. Many people think the commando title in PUBG mobile is almost impossible to achieve because of its difficulty. But it's not true. Even if you are an average player, yet you will be able to achieve this title very easily after reading this guide, because this article covers very important tips and tricks and also strategies which will be very helpful for you.

First of all, let's understand what is commando title in PUBG mobile and how can you get it. The commando title is also known as glass cannon. Commando title cannot be achieved in one or two matches. In platinum tier or above, you need to get 50 chicken dinners without equipping vest and helmet (armors) and backpacks. Patience is the key to achieve this title. You can play on any server and any maps in solo-classic mode, but make sure to be on platinum tier or above. Don't think that you will get the title if you eliminate only the last player without equipping a helmet or vest or backpack. You should not equip from the starting of the match till your match ends.

Go to the settings section and on the basic tab, you will find your auto pickup enabled. Just disable it because if you accidentally pick up a backpack or armor, your whole match will be useless.

Tips and strategies to achieve commando title in PUBG mobile

To achieve the title fast, land on a highway and find a vehicle for yourself. After that go far away from the plane path and loot as much as you want until the blue zone arrives. You can take a late rotation towards the safe zone. Park your vehicle on the edge of the safe zone and get yourself a cover. You can also use your vehicle as a cover if you don't find any hardcover nearby. Don't be engaged in any fights until you realize that you are in advantage. You are already at a disadvantage of not having any armor and there is a high chance of losing the fight without any armor. You also won't have many loots as you don't have any backpacks. So it's better to ignore the fights.

In the end circle, You need to be very calm. Take off your colorful clothes and take a hardcover and wait for other enemies to eliminate each other. Always try to take fights with the last enemy only, but that does not mean you should not shoot the enemies. If an enemy spots you, you should definitely defend yourself. Try avoiding the close combats this will reduce the risk of getting eliminated early.

You should be careful about the loots and managing them as well because you are not allowed to equip any backpacks and vests. Don't carry unnecessary items on your backpacks. Carry only a little bit ammo for your secondary weapon. Try to carry extra smoke grenades to hide or defend yourself.

Choose the guns which can be helpful for middle and close range fights too, a secondary weapon like Kar-98k is completely optional because its ammo will consume a lot of space on your backpack and you will not be able to carry much ammo for your secondary weapon and also other utilities.

Before starting the match make sure that your internet connection is stable and your ping is not high, because getting disconnected in the final minutes of the match is a complete loss of the time and energy you have put on that match to win the match.

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