Friday, May 29, 2020

The Fastest and easiest way to find diamonds in Minecraft in 2020

Diamonds are one of the most precious resources available in Minecraft. Diamonds are used in making tremendously durable high-tier tools and armors and also enchantment tables,but they are also equally rare.
Sometimes finding diamonds becomes much ore tough and time consuming.But finding diamonds in minecraft will be much more easier and very less time consuming for you if you follow this article carefully.

There are various ways to find diamonds in minecraft but in this article we will discuss about finding the diamonds by mining them which is by far the best way to find diamonds in minecraft. 

Minimum tools to carry before starting to mine diamonds in minecraft 

  1.  At least a stone pickaxe
  2.  Decent amount of food
  3.  A bunch of torches

Starting the diamond mining journey in Minecraft 

Now after carrying all the necessary tools, you are ready to mine the diamonds in Minecraft.
You can search for a cavern system in your world before start digging to find the diamonds in Minecraft. However, you can start digging on a plain field if you did not find any cavern system.

Never dig only one block straight because you can end up falling into the hot lava. You can dig on one block by standing upon the other block and thereby making a 1/2 hole. This will prevent you from falling into the lava and also covers a wider area do find the diamonds. The deeper you dig, the higher the chance you have to find diamonds in Minecraft. 

There is a high probability of finding diamonds when you reach layers between 5 to 12, however, the 12th layer is considered luckiest layer among them to find diamonds in Minecraft. Personally, the 12th layer is lucky for me too.

While digging deeper, if you find any caves then feel free to search for diamonds there too. But you need to be very careful there because you will find a lot of lava and mobs along with diamonds in the cave. If lava blocks your way, you can pour a bucket of water and make your path.

You can see light blue flakes in the blocks if it is diamond. If you see one block of diamonds, there is more probability of having other blocks near it. You can now mine the diamond with your iron or higher tier pickaxe of your choice but if you have fortune 3 pickaxe, you can go ahead and mine with it.

You can also find diamonds in the following chests if you are lucky

  1. Shipwreck treasure
  2. Stronghold altar chests
  3. Village chests
  4. Fortress chests
  5. Jungle temple chests
  6. Desert temple chests
  7. Mineshafts
  8. Buried treasure
  9. End city chests

You can also watch this video to know how to find diamonds in Minecraft easily

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